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Lesson eight: TV, satellite dish and radio operation in a TrailLite

This article and video demonstrate how to operate the TV, satellite dish and radio in your TrailLite motorhome.

All TrailLite motorhomes come with an automatic satellite dish and an NZ supplied and fitted tv. 

Instructions TV Sky Box:


Instructions Satellite Dish:

Please Note: 

  • Ensure you are not parked under or near any high trees or buildings as this could interfere with your signal 
  • Always ensure your dish is down before you drive off. If you forget to put it down, when you start your engine it should come down automatically (you should hear a beeping indicating the dish is lowering) 
  • Check that your TV bracket is locked back before you drive 

Radio Instructions 

If you have the standard Fusion radio please refer to your manual in your manual bag.

If you have the upgraded 3 zone Fusion radio system instructions for use are as follows:


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