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What to do if the TV in your motorhome isn't working

This article explains what to do if the TV in your motorhome isn't working

There is not a lot that can go wrong with your TV apart from it not being plugged in, however, the most common reason faults occur with your TV is related to the Satellite Dish not picking up a signal. 

12-volt plug 

  • The first thing to check is the 12-volt plug and aerial plug.   
  • Follow the plugs from the back of your TV to where they are plugged in.   
  • Ensure the 12volt plug is firmly pushed in.  The vibration from travelling can sometimes make the plug slip out.   
  • Also, check the aerial plug and HDMI to ensure they are firmly plugged in as well. 


(insert photos of plugs) 


TV settings 

  • Another thing to check is what “Source” you have chosen.  It could be on the wrong option such as DVD or USB etc. 
  • If you have a Sky Box, ensure HDMI is your selected source.  You will have two remote controls.  The TV remote is for turning the TV on and off and the other remote for the Sky Box is for channels, volume etc 

Once you have checked these and if the TV is now going but the display says “No Signal” this will relate to your Satellite Dish not picking up a signal.  It is important to wait a good 2-3 minutes while the dish tries to find a signal. If the dish continues to spin around, please refer to our satellite dish troubleshooting:

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