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The satellite dish isn't picking up a signal

When using a manual or automatic satellite dish at times it can fail to pick up a signal meaning that you’re not getting any coverage on the TV.

When your satellite dish isn’t picking up signal or doesn’t appear to be working, you’ll know this is happening by two things; no picture on your TV or the satellite dish is going around and around.  

There could be a few reasons why your dish will not pick up the signal which could relate to your location or an issue with the dish itself:  

Move locations

The most common reason a satellite dish isn't picking up signal is that you’re parked in a black spot or high trees/building could be blocking your signal.  

First, try moving your parking location 

Go outside and look up at your dish.   

  • The long arm should be in the opposite direction of the dish.   
  • If they are together, you will need to pull it away.  See diagram below (this is the correct position):



Neither of these work 

If you still cannot pick up a good signal or your satellite dish doesn’t appear to be working at all. It could be a fault that needs fixing by an expert. Please call the TrailLite Service Centre to make an appointment to have us or one our authorized TrailLite service agents take a look. 

Check your TV 

You can triple-check that any faults that might be occurring aren't to do with your TV by following our TV troubleshooting guide available by clicking here.