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Lesson thirteen A: using the Ford motorhome engine

This article covers the ford motorhome engine and what you need to know about how they operate. 

This article is for Benimar Tessoro owners. If you have a Benivan, Primero or Mileo, you can skip this lesson and move the Fiat lesson here.


Notes on your engine  

  • Ensure you read your truck manual and follow your service requirements.  
  • You are welcome to check your oil and top up your window washer liquid but do not top-up anything else as this will be taken care of at your yearly service. 
  • As you are unable to access your truck battery from under the bonnet, you will find specific jump-start positions under the bonnet (refer to your truck manual) 
  • It is important to start the engine or take your motorhome for a drive at least every 3 weeks if you are not using it, so your truck battery does not go flat. If your motorhome is going into storage, it may pay to lock the battery up to a trickle charger. 

    Speed Limit: 
  •  WOF= 100km (Renewal is 3 years from new, then yearly) 
  • COF = 90kms (Renewal every 6 months from new) 
  • Comes with a three-year engine warranty and should be serviced yearly or 10,000 whichever comes first at your local Ford dealer. 

Opening the Bonnet 

  • Use the truck key in front of the bonnet.   
  • Turn the key to the left to pop the bonnet and to the right to release. 

Wheel Lock Nuts 

You will notice on all the wheel trims that one of the wheel nuts needs a lock nut. You will find this in your glovebox in a plastic bag, ensure it is kept with the motorhome at all times and in a safe place.  It's also a good idea to take a photo or keep a note of the key colour and code number which you will find inside the bag. Then if you accidentally lose it, it will be easier for Ford to order a replacement. 


Diesel and Ad Blue 

To access your diesel and ad blue inlets, you will find these on the left side, and you need to open the passenger door to open the flaps. No keys are required to open the diesel cap, you simply pop the bowser through the black cap. 

All-new Ford Transit’s require Ad Blue and you will find the blue cap just below the diesel cap. Ad Blue is an exhaust fluid that reduces emissions. Tiny amounts of Ad Blue are injected into the flow of exhaust gases. You will be notified in the dash inside your motorhome when it starts to run low, and it will tell you how many km’s you have left before it runs out. Please ensure you do top it up when required or at your next convenience. 


Please note: 

If you do not top up your Ad Blue your engine’s power and performance will be reduced, and your motorhome will eventually stop and will not start again until the Ad Blue is topped up. Another brand name of this product is “Go Clear”. 


Using the towing tool: 

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