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Lesson twenty – Cab and Swivel Seats - Mobilvetta

This article covers the Fiat Ducato motorhome engine and cab area and what you need to know about how they operate.  It also demonstrates how to swivel the front cab seats.

Swivel Seats

See below clip on how to swivel your front cab seats in your Fiat Ducato and a basic rundown on the dash operations:



Notes on your engine:

  • Ensure you read your truck manual and follow your service requirements.
  • You are welcome to check your oil and top up your window washer liquid but do not top-up anything else as this will be taken care of at your yearly service.
  • Your truck battery is located under the floor on the passenger side.(Refer to Lesson 11 – Opening your Bonnet and to find your Jump Start Positions)
  • It is important to start the engine or take your motorhome for a drive at least every 3 weeks if you are not using it, so your truck battery does not go flat.

Speed Limits:

All Mobilvett’a are on a heavy chassis and therefore require a Certificate of Fitness.

COF = 90kms (Valid for 6 months from new so needs to be renewed every 6 months)


Fiat Warranty and Servicing

Comes with a two-year warranty from the first date of registration and should be serviced yearly at your local Fiat dealer.

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