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Lesson seven: fridge operation in a TrailLite

This article and video will show you how to operate the Dometic RUA 6408X fridge in a TrailLite motorhome.

Your motorhome has a 3-way fridge that can operate on mains power, gas or the house battery while you are driving. It also has an automatic setting that finds its energy source without you needing to change it manually. 

How to operate

Please remember: 

  •  Remain as level as possible when running the fridge, if you need to park on a steep slope you might need to turn it off (The fridge decreases in temperature by only about 1 degree Celsius within 24 hours if turned off) 
  • Get your fridge serviced annually as the gas jets can block up over time. This can be done as part of your annual service check.
  • Run your fridge regularly even while your motorhome is in storage. 
  • When operating on the automatic setting, there can be a 10-15 minute delay switching between settings 
  • When you're not using the fridge, turn it off and use the ajar function to avoid mould and odour build-up. 
  • When washing the outside of your motorhome, avoid spraying water in the fridge vents. 


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