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What do I do if my Dometic fridge isn't working on gas?

Sometimes your fridge will stop working on gas because of no gas supply. It will either need resetting or it will require a full fridge service. These instructions will explain how to reset a fridge if it's not working on gas.

For a Dometic fridge, an error code number will come upon the display screen and it will be highlighted in Red.   Refer to your manual as to what the code number means. Click here to view the Dometic fridge manual – Go to Page 44 for the list of error codes (or see the table below).



See below video of what an error looks like and how to reset it:


Start by checking the gas bottle 

  • Check your gas bottle to ensure it’s not empty and if needed, change to your spare full bottle. 
  • Ensure the regulator on the gas bottle is fully open and the isolation valve is open.  You will find your isolation valve on the gas lines inside the gas locker.  Ensure the yellow valve is in line with the gas lines. 

Check the gas supply 

  • Light your gas hob on your oven to check gas supply is coming in. If it is you'll know you have a gas supply coming to your other outlets and thus should have gas coming to your fridge.

Each year your fridge needs a service to clean out the jet/exhaust to ensure it continues to run efficiently. The Traillite Service Centre can complete a fridge service and recommends doing this when you complete your annual motorhome or caravan service check.


If you are still having trouble, please contact a service agent near you.  A list of Dometic fridge service agents can be found by clicking here.

The TrailLite Service Centre is always here to help so please contact us if you require any further support or to make a booking.