Lesson eighteen: Miscellaneous Outside - Mobilvetta Kea P

There are a few miscellaneous items to understand when walking around the outside of your Mobilvetta motorhome.

Gas Bottle Locker

  • Open the locker using your locker key.
  • Fully open the gas bottle valve when using gas and fully close for travel.
  • There is no need to turn the isolation valve on or off (yellow handle) - just leave it open (refer to photo below).
  • Do not store any other items in the gas locker as the vents must be kept clear.
  • It is also recommended (if you can) to refill your own bottles and not use a Swap Bottle as you end up with older bottles and dirty gas which will run through the gas lines and could cause issues with running your fridge.

Contents of your boot/locker

In your boot or locker, there is the following:

  • Ladder for your drop bed
  • A plastic container containing a brown hose which is for your greywater
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Power Lead
  • Fit and Go Kit
  • Outside Shower Hose

Solar panels and roof

  • Ensure you keep your roof and solar panels clean. Please do not stand on the roof so use a ladder or a building to do this. Just use a soft brush and soapy water – do not use products such as "Wet n Forget" as this will cause damage over time.

If you do not have facilities to clean your roof, you can make a booking at our TrailLite Service Centre and we can do this for you.

If you are having trouble with your solar panels please click here for solar panel troubleshooting


Our TrailLite Service Centre carries a range of parts for all our motorhomes, in the hope, that if there are any mishaps along the way – we can help get you sorted and back on the road.

If you are ever in need of a specific part that we do not carry in stock, we may need to source it from overseas. This can take up to 3 months in most cases, as we move parts via sea freight

Please note that if a part was urgent and meant you could not use your motorhome/caravan there are other options we can look into that might carry an additional cost

Our parts team can be contacted at parts@traillite.co.nz

If you can, it is best to e-mail a photo to ensure the correct part/s are ordered and dispatched.


We have checked and prepared your motorhome to the highest standard prior to your delivery. Once your motorhome or caravan is on the road there can sometimes be a few teething issues (it's essentially a moving house). This is perfectly normal and it is important you understand we will rectify any issues you may have right away. We can do this at our TrailLite Service Centre, or at one of our many Service Agents throughout the country. Simply call or email us and we'll be here to support you 100%.

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