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The solar panels on my motorhome aren't working

It is rare that your solar panel will stop working unless there is a problem with your wiring or connections however there are a few things to check to make sure your solar power performs at optimum levels. 

Solar Panel clean  

  • Check that your solar panel is clean.   
  • If a thick dirty film is covering the panel, this will affect the input. 
  • The TrailLite Service Centre does offer roof cleans and this can be added to your annual service check for an additional charge. 

Check the solar controller  

  • Check there are lights on your solar controller or charging indicator on your Finscan screen.   
  • You will find your solar controller in one of your cupboards or under a seat (Euro models)  
  • For TrailLite the CTEK controller is located in the battery compartment. 

Test to complete before contacting TrailLite Service Centre  

  • As a test, take note of the voltage:  
  • Turn the fridge to the battery setting in your motorhome/caravan  
  • Take note if the voltage drops on your battery monitor.  
  • Does the charge indicator read differently?  
  • How much does the voltage drop?  
  • What solar capacity do you have on your motorhome/caravan?  
  • Keep a record of what happens as when you call our Traillite Service Centre these are questions we will ask. 


During the winter months, your solar will not bring in a lot of charge due to the suns location so you cannot fully rely on your solar panels during these months. 

If you would like to upgrade your solar panels or discuss your solar and electrical systems in your motorhome or caravan please contact the TrailLite Service Centre.