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What to do if the house battery isn't holding a charge

This article explains a basic test to complete on your house battery before calling the TrailLite Service Centre

There could be many reasons for this issue, so we recommend you do the following test and document what happens before calling our TrailLite Service Centre with the results.  Without this test, it is very difficult to diagnose. 

Battery Test 

  • Firstly, note down your battery voltage 
  • Plug your motorhome into mains power and leave it on charge for 8-12 hours.  It’s best to do this overnight so you can test during the daylight hours. 
  • Ensure your mains charger is plugged in and working by either sighting the charger itself to see if display lights are on (or potentially a fault light) or by sighting the display in your motorhome to show the battery is charging. 
  • After 8-12 hours on charge, unplug from Mains and make a note of the voltage. 
  • Continue to monitor and document the voltage during the day while you are using the motorhome – turning on lights, TV etc 
  • If you see your voltage drop considerably within the first hour this could be a sign your batteries are damaged and need replacing 
  • Please note that batteries do require replacing and their recommended replacement schedule is noted on the battery or in your user manual 
  • Once you have completed this test and suspect there is an issue, please call our TrailLite Service Centre 

Please Note:

  • In your warranty and maintenance booklet there is a guide to batteries and looking after your battery please refer to this for more information.