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What do I do if my water tank monitoring isn't reading correctly

This article explains the common troubleshooting when your fresh and grey water tanks are not reading correctly.

If you are having issues with your grey or freshwater tanks not reading the correct levels it could be caused by the tank sensors being dirty or your control panel may need re-calibrating. 

Greywater tank 

The grey tank is the most common tank to not read correctly and this is because sink waste can attach itself to the tank sensors inside the tank which results in an incorrect reading.   

  • The best way to resolve this is to purchase a Thetford Tank Cleaner.   
  • Pour the liquid down your sink as per recommendations.   
  • Run your taps so the grey tank has water in it.  
  • Go for a drive so the water and cleaner can slosh around and cleanse the waste from the sensors or follow the instructions depending on what product you use.   
  • You may need to do this a few times depending on how dirty they are. 

Freshwater tank 

It is rare for the freshwater tank not to read correctly, however, if this is the case, call our TrailLite Service Centre and we can make a booking to get the control panel re-calibrated or check the tank sensors. 

We sell the Tank Cleaner at our Service Centre, so please call us if you would like to purchase some.