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What do I do if my drop-down bed stops working?  

It is rare that your drop-down bed will stop working. This article shows you how to reset your drop-down bed on a TrailLite and Benimar motorhome should this happen.  

Benimar Motorhomes

This can happen if a fuse has blown or a limit switch becomes jammed.  Fuses normally blow if the bed’s limit switch does not connect with the stopper. 

Locate the fuses  

  • Under one of your seats, you will see a white box with fuses.   
  • Refer to your motorhome user manual or pull each fuse out and check that it hasn’t blown.   
  • If you find a blown fuse, before replacing it ensure it is a 25amp fuse. 

Check the bedding  

  • Ensure bedding is clear of the tracks that the bed runs up and down on. 
  • Also, check you don’t have too much bedding on the top of the mattress.  You will know if you have too much if you wind up the bed and the limit switch does not reach the stopper. There is a very distinctive “Click” when the limit switch hits the stopper. 
  • If you do not hear the “Click” you can adjust the stopper and bring it down to allow for extra bedding.   
  • You move the stopper by using an allen key to loosen it, move it down and tighten it back up. 
  • Under the mattress, you will see safety sides and straps.  Ensure they are secured and not dangling down by the motor and driveshaft that winds the belts up and down.  If these do dangle down they will wrap around the shaft and the bed will jam up. 

Reset limit switch  

  • To reset the limit switch, you can carefully slide your hand down the side of the track, and you will feel a switch which if you push it, it should click.  Give it a few pushes to free it up and this may get it working again. 


If you have completed the above and still having issues, please contact our TrailLite Service Centre and make a booking. 

Move bed manually  

  • If you cannot fix the bed with the above troubleshooting please use the manual winding tool:  
  • Locate the black cover under the bed.  
  • Remove the black cover and you will see a nut and with this, you can manually wind the bed up and down.  



TrailLite Motorhomes 

It is rare that a TrailLite drop-down beds fail, the most common fault would be that they are one of the older models with the more complex switch, or a fuse has blown. 

The old switch

  • The older and more complex switches typically need to be reset by pressing the buttons in a certain sequence. Please call the TrailLite Service Centre and we can help you to do this over the phone.

New Switch

  • A new TrailLite is fitted with a simple up and down switch, they don’t require resetting at all.
  • If the bed is not working it is more than likely a fuse has blown due to the bed being under strain with too much weight on it (operating when someone is on it) or too much bedding on and pushed up into the ceiling.
  • Locate your fuse box and replace the blown fuse. 

If you have completed the above and still having issues, please contact our TrailLite Service Centre and make a booking.