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What do I do if my Bluetooth disconnects?

If you have a Rangefinder Series 2 caravan or a control panel that is connected to Odyssey link by Bluetooth this article will explain how to reset and reconnect the two devices.

If you have any trouble or want more information about the Odyssey Control System please click here to download the Odyssey Link Manual for more support. 

Locate the system 

  • In a Rangefinder caravan, the Odyssey link box is located in the cupboard by the step 
  • Locate the Odyssey Link box. 
  • On the left-hand side near the bottom there is a tiny button
  • Press down for a few seconds and a green light will come on
  • Once the green light comes on you only have 30 seconds to re-pair the devices 
  • You'll need to note down the serial number on the white sticker. It’s the longest number and starts with 'A' followed by multiple digits.


caravan 2


Reconnect with your control panel 

  • Go to the home screen on your control panel 

home screen

  • Scroll your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen and a drop-down box will appear 

caravan 4

  • Hold down the Bluetooth button. This is the second button in from the left.

  • The pairing screen will come up then press pair new device. 

  • When you see the serial number (this will be the last 5 digits from the serial number) that was on the white sticker, click on that to pair.

  • Then go back to the main menu and all should be going.

If this doesn't work

  • Go back down to the cupboard from step 1 and turn off the black switch which is located near the Odyssey Link System 

caravan 2


  •  Get a paperclip and you will find a small hole on the top of the outside frame of the tablet (control panel)
  • Put the paperclip down the hole and you should feel it touch a button. This will shut the control panel down. 
  • Leave it shut down for a few minutes then turn the black switch back on and it should re-connect.

If all the above fails 

  • Simply unplug the OdysseyLink unit from the charger and reinsert the plug
  • Leave the plug out for a couple of minutes. This will allow the CANBUS connection to power down and re-calibrate.
  • The cable you need to unplusg is the flat black cable with 'telephone' style connectors.

Clearing the OdysseyLink memory to get the green flashback: 

  • If you push the green connector to the left it allows easier access to the button. 
  • Hold down for 10 seconds until it flashes red to clear any previous pairing. 
  • Try to disconnect the CANBUS cable and reconnect prior to trying to pair,
  • If the can is active, upon reset it will flash blue-green, blue-green then go out until the pairing is active. 
  • The pairing mode is only active for 30 seconds, after that the light goes out. 
  • If the button is pressed twice quickly, it will turn on and then off the pairing mode without being seen.


The system does have a five pairing limit, which may require the Odyssey link to be reset. This can be done by holding that same pairing button on the left side of the Odyssey link for 20-30 seconds. It will flicker, indicating that the memory has been cleared. 

Click here to download the Odyssey Link Manual for more support.