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The Truma hot water and heating system isn't work

There are many reasons relating to why your Trauma Hot Water and Heater system could be displaying fault codes.  Please work through this troubleshooting list to eliminate and solve the fault.

Window is open (Model Specific)  

  • Check the window with the Truma safety switch on it is closed (this will not relate to all models) 

Gas bottle is empty  

  • If you are running it from the Gas source, check your Gas bottle to ensure it’s not empty and/or change to your spare full bottle.  Ensure the regulator on the gas bottle is fully open. 

Control panel  

  • Ensure you have selected the correct source on the Control Panel.   
  • To learn more about working your control panel please refer to our article on how to work my control panel or view the video below.

Mains source 

  • If you are running it from the Mains source, check that power is coming into your motorhome.  You can do this by seeing if your microwave is going, or mains element on your oven hob. 

Error Codes 

Trauma System Reset  

There are two resets you can do on your Truma Heating system: 

1)    Control Panel:  

2)     Truma CDX Model only -  

  • Follow the Full Truma Reset instructions available by clicking here for a complete reset of the system.   
  • Note:  This only applied to the CDX model and you will find your model number on the sticker on the heater unit under your seat.     

Important Safety Note:    Ensure you are not plugged into Mains when removing the cover