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The propex gas heater isn't working

This article explains what to do if the propex gas heater in your motorhome or caravan isn't working

If your Propex heater has started the heating process and has run for a short time then turned off there could be a number of issues. The heater control box ( heater temp/selection switch ) will flash a sequence on its LED to indicate a fault. Once a fault has occurred the system will lock you out and must be cleared BEFORE you try to reignite the heater. 

To clear the fault please do the following:

Gas lockouts must be cleared by

  • First moving the temperature knob to MAX.
  • Then on the control knob go from gas on (flame) position to off position then back to the on position.  
  • The complete sequence of switch movements must be completed within 2.5 seconds for a lockout to be successfully cleared.
  • If there is air in the gas line, e.g. after a gas bottle change, the space heater may require several attempts before it lights. 


If the fault keeps reoccurring after these steps, please note the number of flashes on the LEDs and contact the TrailLite Service Centre or one of TrailLites authorised service agents to seek advise.