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My water heater is dripping or leaking

This article explains what to do if your Suburban or Atwood water heater in your motorhome is leaking

During the heating process of water, you may notice water dripping from the exterior panel of your water heater, this is normal. As the water heats and expands, the excess pressure in the cylinder exits through a relief valve located behind the exterior panel of the water heater.

If the dripping turns into a steady stream it might indicate that dirt has lodged under the valve. If this happens it’s important that the valve is flushed, to do this please do the following:

  • Ensure all power/gas sources are turned off to the cylinder 
  • Ensure the cylinder/water is NOT hot, check by running the kitchen tap on the hot cycle, the water should run cold 
  • Leave your water pump on 
  • Lower the exterior panel of the water heater and locate the relief valve, it will be a brass fitting with a lever located on top of the valve 
  • Lift the lever and this will allow the water to flow (lift slowly and stand clear of the outlet ) 
  • Allow the water to flow for 3-4 seconds, repeat this process again 
  • When completed lift exterior flap of water heater and lock back in place 
  • The unit is now safe to reheat 

If the relief valve continues to release water constantly you can repeat the above process or contact the TrailLite Service Centre