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Lesson five: light switches in a TrailLite

This article explains where the light switches are in a new TrailLite and what they operate.

Light switches are located:

  • By the entrance step where the side door is located:
    • The upper switch is the main square lights in lounge/kitchen (depending on floor plan)
    • The lower switch is the outside awning/entrance door handle light
  • On kitchen splashback wall:
    • LED mood surround lights
  • In the toilet against the mirror:
    • The upper one is for the toilet
    • The lower one is for the shower
  • Three light switches in the bedroom:

These will be on either side of your bed or in the middle with two single beds or under cupboards with a dropdown bed: 

    • One for main square lights,
    • One for mood surround lights
    • One for pilot night light which is situated at the bed area, above the kitchen bench and in the toilet, each side can be operated independently
  • LED adjustable reading lights:
    •  each has an on and off switch underneath the light itself
  • Two light torches mounted in the rear garage locker on the roof on or either side of a tunnel garage or in the middle in the Matakana. These are switched on and off at the end of the torch. 

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