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Lesson twenty one: slide-out TrailLite

This article explains how to operate the slide-out in a TrailLite motorhome

If your motorhome has a slide-out they are very easy to operate and require no maintenance. Any issues please contact the Service Centre on 0800 872 455.


  • To push slide-out out press and hold SLIDE-OUT on the Finscan control panel until its fully out.
  • To pull it back in press and hold the SLIDE-IN button until the slide-out is fully in

Please Note:

  • Do not leave it halfway, only all the way out or all the way in
  • ALWAYS make sure before taking it out and bringing it back in that there is nothing jamming it:
    • Your power socket cover is not in the way, no branches on top, obstacles in the way, parked too close to another vehicle etc.
  • Avoid parking under trees, debris could fall onto your slide-out canvas
  • Do NOT push your slide-out out on stormy rough weather nights. The motorhome will be fully functional with the slide-out still in.
  • Make sure your slide-out is in before driving off.