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Lesson thirteen: TrailLite lockers

This article explains the different lockers in a TrailLite motorhome


Battery Locker
Contains your battery, solar and battery chargers, fuse box (spare fuses in the manual bag) and your Finscan control box and main red power switch (500 and 700 series), if the switch is off for long term storage your solar panels will not charge the battery.

Wet Locker

Contains your greywater hose and your black water hose if you have a black water toilet, it can be hosed out to clean as it has drainage.

Gas Lockers

Contains two 9kgs gas bottles. To open the gas turn all the way to the left and to shut gas off turn handle to the right, there is also a yellow switch handle that you can use to turn off and on. It is recommended that you turn the gas off while driving and on ferry.

Please Note: Do not store and additional gas bottle as it would exceed the legal limit.

Garage Locker

Contains padded solar blinds for your windscreen windows, filler board and squab for your spare bed, 4 wooden blocks for your stabilizer legs, tyre changing kit, fresh water hose, external shower hose (if you have one), awning stick (for Thule awning it is attached to the inside of the garage locker door), the stabilizer legs winder, the winder for the manual Thule bike rack. The hooks for the securing runners attached to the inside of the garage locker sidewall. These can be moved by pushing and turning them to remove and place somewhere else along that rail.

Storage lockers


All of these lockers have the same key, the EMKA key.

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