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Lesson sixteen: mains power socket in TrailLite

This article explains more about the mains power socket


  • You will find the mains power socket on the driver's side towards the rear or middle section of your motorhome.
  • Push the plug into the socket and make sure the lid slides into the cavity below, it will break if it bends back while pushing in.
  • When pulling the plug out, please push down on the blue lever while you are pulling the plug out of the socket.
  • Make sure you close the cover back until you hear it click. If the cover is not fully secured it will flap in the wind while driving and can break off.

Please Note:

Please note that the location of the power socket is beneath the slide-out if you have one. It is important that the power socket flap is down and pushed in. If you leave the cover-up while getting your slide-out in, the cover will jam the slide-out.

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