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Lesson four: electric drop-down bed in a Benimar

This article and video demonstrate how to operate the drop-down bed in a Benimar motorhome.

All of the drop-down beds in your Benimar motorhome are now operated by an electronic button. Please watch the instructional video before you operate.



Manually Wind Down Bed:

Please Note: 

  • Ensure the area is clear before the bed is bought down. TV is tucked away, front seats clear and side cushions removed. 
  • When raising the bed back to the roof remove pillows and ensure bedding is clear of the tracks 
  • There is a light bar near the roof – the switch for this light is at the end of the bar 
  • There is manual winder in your black bag if your battery goes flat and you can't put the bed away 


Click here for a link to troubleshooting if your bed doesn't operate.

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