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How do I operate the drop-down bed on my TrailLite Matakana?

It's super easy to drop down the bed on your Matakana motorhome. You simply remove the cushions, drop down the table and press the button.

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Step by step instructions

  • In your Matakana motorhome push down the table by releasing the gas strut pushing down and then secure in place by tighting the handle

Matakana Step one

  • Remove the cushions that interfere with the sliding track (the back cushion, any decorative cushions and the corner cushions)
  • Check the TV is secured back in place and nothing is going to get damaged as the bed comes down
  • Open the cupboard above the kitchen
  • Press the down button and hold down for the bed to come into place
Matakana Step one-1
  • Open the cupboard below the kitchen to access the stairs

Things to note:

  • You can leave your bed fully made up
  • Remove the pillows from the bed before putting it back up