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How do I complete a reset on my Truma Heating System?

This article will explain how to complete a full truma heating and hot water system reset if no other troubleshooting has helped fix the error codes.

Start by restarting the display unit 

  • If you are experiencing multiple errors on your Truma Control panel and the error message continues to display – press and told the black button for a few seconds until it shuts down. 
  • Leave it off for 5 minutes then try again.


If this doesn't clear the error, you need to do another re-set on the Truma unit

  • You will find the Truma unit underneath one of the seating areas 
  • Remove the cover from the unit once you have located it 
  • Make sure you remove your 240-volt connection if plugged into mains! 

truma 3

  • Locate the long brown button 
  • Push it in and hold it down until you see an orange LED light up
  • Remove your finger the replace the cover
  • Please note:  You may need to repeat the process up to 3 times. 

truma pic 4


If you continue to have error codes after these re-sets, please contact our TrailLite Service Centre.