How do I download NZ maps into my motorhome navigation system?

If you own a Benimar Tessoro on the Ford Transit you are able to add in NZ software that gives you access to maps and navigation in NZ. This article will explain how.

Whether you're able to import NZ maps and get your navigation functioning here depends on the type of base vehicle and motorhome you are driving. These instructions are suitable for anyone who owns a Benimar Tessoro on the Ford Transit. 

You'll need to remove the chip from the radio console of your motorhome. 

  • Remove the mini chip from the outside chip
  • Insert the chip into the “Map” slot on the console of the radio inside the motorhome. 
  • Select the Navigation tab and load it. 
  • Once loaded, remove the mini chip by pushing it in and it will pop back out. 
  • Place it back into the outside chip.

Sim card 2

Sim Card


Purchase a USB Card Reader 

  • Noel Leeming or the likes stock USB card readers for approx $15
  • Place the USB into your computer and insert the chip 

Sim card 3


Download the correct maps from Navi extras online

  • Go to Navi Extras Website 
  • Scroll down the webpage until you find XZENT and click 
  • Select X-402 
  • You will be taken to a new page – go to Maps and More on the left column – Scroll down to Map of New Zealand
  • Select Read More and proceed to add to cart/purchase 
  • You will then be prompted to log in to complete the purchase. Create an account/Register. 
  • Enter your personal details including your username and password
  • Open your e-mails and click on the link to verify


Download and run the maps 

  • Confirm to download Naviextras Toolbox
  • Click Download, Run, Yes
  • Another Screen will open up on your computer – it should be titled “Naviextra’s Toolbox”
  • You will need to log in again with your Username and Password
  • Run Back Up


Complete the purchase of the NZ Maps 

  • Click on the SHOP tab and look down the list to find Maps of New Zealand
  • Add to Cart
  • Go to Checkout
  • Type in Invoice Address, type in details and proceed
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Make the payment


Run and install the NZ Maps 

  • Click Install
  • Run another backup 
  • Click install
  • Do one final Backup
  • Then remove the mini chip from the outside chip and insert the chip into the “Map” slot on the console of the radio inside the motorhome as per Step 1. 
  • Choose the Navigation Tab and you should have NZ Maps.

Sim card 2


We can also complete this for you at the TrailLite Service Centre for a charge. Please contact the TrailLite Service Centre for more information.