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Engine light has come up on my motorhome dash

This article explains the steps to take when an engine light comes up on the dash of your motorhome

There could be many reasons why an engine light comes up your dash:

  • Firstly, consult your vehicle user manual to see what the error light means.
  • Otherwise, the only other way to find out what the engine light means is to contact your local agent, such as Ford, Mercedes, Fiat, Iveco etc.  They will need to plug your truck into their computer to find out what it means.  This is something TrailLite is unable to do. 
  • If you are unsure who your local agent is, check your vehicle manual/windscreen service sticker or you can search the web to find an agent.  
  • If you have no internet coverage, please call our TrailLite Service Centre and we may be able to look this up for you.