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How and why you should get Wifi in your motorhome

This article details how to get wifi installed in your motorhome. See below for the benefits, advice and requirements for installation.

Why should I install wifi in my motorhome?
  • For connection with your smart TV. Please note that all smart TV's require the internet to function correctly. You can "hotspot" your phone to your TV if you have a phone that has that function OR use get a wifi decoder installed as per these instructions.
  • For better speed on your laptop/ smart TV

So how do I install it?

  • To get Wi-fi in your motorhome you will need to purchase a mobile data wireless router.  Your internet provider will be able to supply this.
  • An external aerial (as fitted standard to every TrailLite motorhome) will help with your coverage.
  • A 12 volt supply will need to be available to plug into your router – if your motorhome doesn’t have this, TrailLite can install this for you. Get in touch with our service centre here to book, or call 0800 872 455.

Please note: while a mobile wireless router should improve the coverage compared to a phone, the internet may not be available in all locations.


Mobile Data can be provided by many suppliers, such as Vodafone, Spark etc.  NZMCA’s wired nation offers a competitive package designed specifically for motorhome and caravan users. 

For more information, see below a link to NZMCA’s Data plans and pricing and how it works:

NZMCA DATA: Broadband For Your Motorhome & Caravan | Wireless Nation (wirelessnation.co.nz)

You can also contact them on 0800 101 143 or email them at sales@wnation.net.nz