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Washing your motorhome or caravan

Being on the road often, driving and parking in the dirt, and traveling through various weather conditions all put your Motorhome or Caravan through a lot. The cleaner you keep your Motorhome or Caravan, the easier it will be to avoid the normal wear and tear from traveling throughout the year. (You should aim to wash the exterior at least once a month, if not more depending on how often you travel and where you go.)



  • Roof and Solar Panels – It is not recommended that you stand on the roof, but if you have a ladder or a balcony to stand on, use a long soft brush with wash n wax.  By keeping your solar panels clean, this maximises charging.
  • Windows – Do not use any brushes as these windows scratch easily and can become milky.  It is recommended you use a soft microfibre cloth and just water or recommended products for the inside and outside of the windows. Even the slightest bit of chemicals e.g. dishwashing liquid can cause damage to your windows and void the warranty.
  • Silicon – If you see the silicon going mouldy in places, use a small amount of White Spirits on a cloth or tooth brush and wipe them down.  Do not let the white spirits go on the paintwork.
  • Outside Fridge Vents – When washing your motorhome, avoid spraying water directly up into these vents.

DO NOT use a water blaster or use chemicals such as Wet n Forget.  Some products can harm silicon and affect the coating on your motorhome.


You can book in with our service centre for a full roof wash at the time of booking your annual check. Click here to email the service centre, or ring 0800 872 455.