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Lesson twenty: Grey Water and Fresh Water Tanks - Fusion

This article explains how to fill your fresh-water tank and how to empty your grey water tank


Water Tank Instructions

To fill your fresh-water tank:

  • There is a flap on the outside of your motorhome.
  • Lift the flap and you will see a blue water cap.
  • To open the cap, you push it in and turn (cap lock must be in an unlocked position).
  • Pop in your hose and fill it up.
  • When it's full, water will back-splash back from the inlet.
  • Replace the blue cap by again pushing in and turning. You can lock this cap if you wish with your locker key.

Please Note:

To drain the water from the fresh-water tank you remove the squab and lift the cover. Unscrew the red cap and will see a handle. Lift the handle and pull up the bung to drain the water from your tank as per photos below:


Greywater Tank Instructions 

To empty your grey water tank:

  • Locate the brown hose from the plastic container in your boot or locker.
  • Locate the greywater outlet on the outside of your motorhome. 

Please Note:

  • Always empty your grey water after your travels or whenever you can. 
  • Please only empty your grey water at dedicated grey water dumping stations. 
  • Ensure you rinse the brown hose after you have emptied the tank and keep it in the plastic container. 
  • To ensure your grey tank does not start smelling, be careful what goes down your sink drain. Wipe down greasy plates with a paper towel then wash them and don't let food waste go down the sink. 

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