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Lesson ten: Checking Fuses and RCD’s - Fusion

The following article details how to check the fuses and RCDs in a Fusion motorhome, and what to do if they are found to be faulty.

If you find that some of your lights are not working, or your dropdown will not operate or anything else that runs off the 12-volt is not working, it could be you have blown a 12-volt fuse.
If you plug into Mains power and then go inside your motorhome and nothing is working, it could be your Mains RCD has tripped. Please also check the RCD switch on your Power Adaptor (refer to photo to the left).
The reason you may blow a fuse:
• An overloaded circuit is the most common reason for a fuse to blow.
• The reason RCD’s trip is when a fault is detected in an electrical circuit.


Locate your fuses, the 12-volt fuses are found under the seat next to the habitation door.   (refer to photos below)

  1. Main RCD’s – depending on your layout, these are normally found in the bedroom area under one of the floor steps.  If the switches are down this means you have tripped your mains power. Simple flick the switches back up to reset them.  (see photo’s below)
  2. The 12-volt fuses, just pull each one out and hold them up and check that the small wire inside is not broken – if it is, please replace it with the same AMP fuse. The AMP’s are etched in the top of the fuse.

Next steps:

If you still have issues, please contact the TrailLite Service Centre