Lesson six: Electric Drop Down Bed in Lounge – Mobilvetta Kea P

The video below demonstrates how to bring down the electric bed in the lounge area of your Mobilvetta Kea P motorhome.

The ladder for the bed will be located in your boot.  Before you bring the bed down, ensure the TV is tucked away.

Please note:

  • The bed can be left made up with sheets, duvet but no pillow, bags etc
  • The 2 square black panels on the right-hand side of the roof are the lights.These are touch lights.
  • In your manuals bag you will find a manual winding tool to use, so if for example your battery goes flat and your bed will not go up, you can manually wind it up.You can see the location of this in the video above.


Island Bed in the Mobilvetta Kea P68

The Island bed in the Kea P68 model can electronically be moved up and down.  The controls for this is in the boot locker (see below a photo of the control panel)  


Please Note:

  • Before you operate the control panel in the boot locker, remove the bedding from the sides of the bed.Just untuck and ensure the bedding is clear on the sides.  If this is not done, it will overload the circuit and the fuse will blow.

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