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Lesson six: Electric Drop Down Bed - Fusion

The video below demonstrates how to operate the drop-down bed in a Fusion motorhome.

Please see the video below on how to operate your electric drop down bed.  The ladder for the bed will be located in your boot.  There is no need to move anything inside the motorhome such as tables or cushions and it knows when to stop so just keep your finger on the button until it stops. 



Please note:

  • If your house battery runs low and the bed will not operate, you can use the manual winder to manually wind the bed up or down – this is featured in the video above. Or you can run the truck engine which trickles some charge into your house battery and the bed will operate. 
  • The bed can be left made up with sheets and a duvet but no pillows. 
  • The lights on the roof are touch lights – as seen in the video above 

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