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Lesson eighteen: Miscellaneous items inside a Fusion

There are lots of little things in your motorhome and it is wise to be aware of what they do and how to operate them


All the power points in your motorhome operate only when plugged into mains power.

Lights and USB Ports

The motorhome has light switches in various locations in your motorhome and touch lights.  The touch lights have a circle with a line through it.   These operate on your habitation battery.  Ensure your master lights in on, on the Main Control panel.

The USB ports operate off the house battery and can be used to charge phones when you are not plugged into mains power.


Switch on the left side of Seat (Just inside the habitation Door)

This switch is for a heating pad under the grey water tank. However, this is not needed in our New Zealand weather conditions so ensure it is always off. If it's left on, it can drain your house battery.  When the switch is off, there is no LED light so the switch should be in the down position. (See below a photo of what the switch looks like).

Motorhome bag and keys

Each motorhome comes with a bag which contains all the manuals for everything inside your motorhome, including the truck manual. We recommend you read through these manuals at your leisure.

You will also find inside this bag a spare set of keys. Each motorhome has two keys - one is for the engine and to open the diesel cap, and the other one is to open the main door of the motorhome and for all outside lockers, including your water cap.


Warranty and Service Manual

Please read make sure you read the warranty and service manual as it's important you understand your warranty terms and servicing requirements. Any questions, please call the TrailLite Service Centre.

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