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Lesson one: Control Panel - Fusion

This article and video demonstrates how to use the control panel in your Fusion motorhome.

The main control panel operates things like: 

  • Master On / Off Switch 
  • Master Lights – Also needed for Extractor Fan to operate 
  • Water pump  
  • Outside light  
  • Temperature reading inside and outside 
  • Monitoring your batteries – both House and Truck 
  • Tank levels - Fresh and Grey 


Please note: 

  • In your Fusion motorhome, you have a battery charger for mains power.  However, when your motorhome is in storage or not being used, turn off the Battery Isolation Switch (see below photo).  This is located on the side of the seat behind the passenger seat.  Generally, your solar panels will keep your battery topped up, however, you should check on your battery voltage often.  On your control panel, your battery voltage should never drop under 12 volts, so if it’s showing 12.1, 12.2 this is getting low and you need to plug into mains for 8-12 hours to fully charge your house battery. 

See photo below of the battery isolation switch:  


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