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Lesson eleven: Truck Battery and Jump Starting (Under the Bonnet) - Fusion

The following article details information on where to find your battery, and how to jumpstart it.

As your truck battery is located on the under-floor area inside the cab area, if your truck battery runs low and will not start, there are jump-start positions under the bonnet. It is much easier to jump start from under the bonnet as opposed to accessing from the under-floor area.

Please refer to the video below on where and how to pop the bonnet and you will see where to attach your jumper leads.

Please note:

These new engines still have a small draw on the battery when parked up, so if you are not going to use your motorhome for a month or more, please take it for a drive or start the engine in your driveway to keep things ticking over. If your motorhome is going into storage, it may pay to lock the battery up to a trickle charger.

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