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Lesson eight: windows, roof vents, and blinds – Mobilvetta

This article and videos demonstrate how to operate the windows and blinds in the Mobilvetta motorhome.

You have 5 different types of windows in your motorhome:
• Standard window - on the sidewalls of the motorhome and other blind types
• Standard roof vent
• Wind Up Vent
• Side Window and Cab Blinds
• Front pull-down sun visor and Front Blinds in the Cab



Please Note: 
• Do not pull the blinds across when you are travelling and make sure they are safely locked back in place.
• Ensure all vents and windows are firmly shut when travelling.
• Do not use brushes when cleaning the windows, just a soft micro-fibre cloth - no chemicals. Using even a hint of dishwashing liquid or chemical will void the warranty on your windows.
• Be gentle opening and closing windows and blinds