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Lesson twenty: Benimar awning and bike rack

This article and videos demonstrate how to operate the awning and bike rack optional add on to a Benimar motorhome.

With your Benimar motorhome, you may have selected to add on either an awning or bike rack. These are great additions to your motorhome for easy and fun motorhome travel. If you haven't selected these add on's you can do so at a later date by contacting the TrailLite Service Centre should you decide you need them.

Instructions Awning

See below clips on using your awning: 




Please Note: 

  • These awnings are sunshades only and should not be up in the wind, at night or un-attended 
  • Do not over-extend the arms when fully out or you will not be able to wind it back in 

Instructions Bike Rack

 See below clip on using your bike rack: 

Please Note: 

  • The maximum load this bike rack can carry is 50kgs 

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